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Aliplast has always played a leading role in the powdercoating of aluminum profiles. Until today we are still the only ones to offer a coating guarantee of 15 years. It is the company’s commitment to continually monitor product quality and comply with the latest requirements of the European Standards.

Lengths up to 7550 mm can be powdercoated in an extensive range of RAL and other colors:
  • Mat, shining/glossy, wood effect...
  • Coated anodizing
  • Metallic-structure
  • Mat-structure

with 15 YEARS maritime guarantee
with Qualicoat-label and Qualicoat Seaside-label
  • Thanks to the recent investment in a new vertical powdercoating line we emphasize on the environmental benefits. The pre-treatment process is 100% chromate free and quality by means of the quality label "Qualicoat Seaside".
  • Thanks to the quality label ‘Qualicoat Seaside’ projects can be carried out on the coast or in other harsh environments with the desired result.